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Dr. Ortega’s advice to solve the shortage of masks in Japan

Escrito por el 5 febrero, 2020

In the face of the great shortage of antibacterial masks in Japan, a good scarf that covers the mouth and nostrils and carries a bottle or spray with alcohol in the bag, they are a good alternative, said Dr. Raúl Ortega, at Lunatics Show by commenting on the coronavirus progress.

«The cavity from the larynx to the throat has small cilia in the mucosa that will protect us from viruses and bacteria. The cold, as in winter, causes these cilia to become paralyzed and lose their property to eliminate viruses and bacteria. By not having something that warm that area and protect us from virus entry, we make everything easier to infect, «said Dr. Ortega, a commentator for Super Tokio Radio.

The masks, which in Japan are used by millions to deal with pollution and bacteria, have practically disappeared from the market or, in some cases, have multiplied their price by ten.

He also recommended carrying in the bag or briefcase, a bottle or spray with alcohol to use when away from home and in case there is no sink nearby. «Remember, do not put your hand to your mouth or eyes without first washing or disinfecting your hands,» the doctor advised. (Super Tokio Radio)



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